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Joe Travis, Carpenters & Millwrights Apprenticeship Program Coordinator recently expressed interest in making sure the Professional Craftsman/Trades Worker continues to be promoted as a desirable life-long career.  He further noted the Skilled Construction Trades remain essential and necessary to society’s security, comfort, and wealth.  In response, Joe along with two fellow Apprentice Coordinators, Eugene Frazier, Sheet Metal Workers, and Eric Gray, Dayton Electricians met with five (5) young men and their leaders from the Dayton Urban Young Life on Friday, July 10th.

While a virtual meeting may have accomplished the goal, it was decided an in-person gathering would work best to provide information to the group.  To ensure the safety of all, COVID-19 guidelines were met:  limited group size; temperatures checked; masks required; and social distancing maintained.

The young men and adult chaperones, including Malcom Keith, Director, and Brienne Blair, Mentor received an overview of apprenticeship training via discussion, video, Q&A, and a tour of the Sheet Metal Workers training center.  While the Coordinators highlighted aspects of each of their respective programs, information was also provided on career opportunities with other training programs affiliated with the organized building trades, including Operating Engineers, Cement Masons & Plasterers, Painters & Finishers, Roofers, Bricklayers, Ironworkers, Heat & Frost Insulators, and Construction Craft Laborers.

The MV Apprentice Coordinators plan to maintain a relationship with the local Young Life program,  If any other local group would like information on career opportunities in the building trades, contact Deb Rhodes @ drhodes@agcofdayton.com