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As the Construction Industry in Ohio was identified as an Essential Business in Ohio, local Contractors have been working to complete projects under the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines established to ensure a safe workplace for all. Consideration is given to abide by social distancing rules; to make certain workers have necessary personal protective equipment; and to keep high traffic areas sanitized.

Shook Construction Company has been onsite of the Community Tissue and Research building expansion managing the project’s targeted completion this summer.  Due to the nature of the building and its future use, workers were already practicing preventive measures to ensure a safe and healthy workspace.  COVID-19 guidelines added additional challenges.  Shook has taken needed precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of its staff, trade partners, and building owner.

Trade partners are required to work in appropriate personal protective equipment to assure for a safe workspace,

Chapel Electric staff wear protective gear and practice safe social distancing while working at the Tissue & Research expansion project.

Social distancing is enforced in the break room with individual tables placed to ensure the recommended spacing requirement is met.  Further, lunch times are flexed to ensure gathering guidelines are adhered; and the break area is cleaned regularly.

High traffic areas are sanitized regularly to protect against COVID-19.