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On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 640 students and educators from 26 different local high school or career tech centers attended the 13th Annual Construction Career Expo.  The event was held at the Operating Engineers Training Center in Miamisburg, OH.  The Expo was is hosted by the MV Apprenticeship Coordinators Group was coordinated by the AGC, West Central Ohio Division.

The purpose of the Expo is to share information on viable career pathways in the Construction Industry available for young men and women who will enter the workforce in the next few years.  All building trades apprenticeship programs affiliated with the MV Apprenticeship Coordinators Group participated in the annual outreach event with booths to share information on career opportunities and/or to provide hands on activities.

Upon arrival, all students and their teachers were welcomed by Randy Fox, Executive Director, AGC, West Central Ohio Division with instructions for the day.  The students were encouraged to participate in all hands on activities which included welding, operating heavy equipment, took box building, working with cement & plaster, and using a nail gun.  Just before lunch, the booths quieted activities for 15 minutes so students could hear Maurice Davis, OE Apprentice Coordinator, Eugene Frazier, SMW Apprentice Coordinator, and three first year IW apprentices discuss career opportunities available in the building trades through apprenticeship training.  The Expo booths resumed activities during lunch service.  Before dismissal, Stebbins High School was awarded a $500 scholarship offered by the Dayton Building Trades Association for a student who will graduate in 2019 and enter the construction field.



Expo Registration & Welcome with Randy Fox              Students working in a welding booth at the Expo



Students working with Carpenters Apprentices using a tool gun and building tool boxes.         Ironworker Apprentice sharing a trade skill.



Ironworker Apprentices and Eugene Frazier, SMW Apprentice Coordinator, sharing information on apprenticeship training


John Hayes, Dayton Building Trades awards $500 scholarship to Jim Roberts, Educator @ Stebbins HS


Shook Construction Company also participated in the 13th Annual Construction Career Expo.