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With the construction industry posting its highest employment numbers in recent years, the building trades are seeking men and women to join its workforce.   Seeking recruits, nine Coordinators of the MV Building Trades Apprenticeship Group attended the 2015 Construction Job Fair hosted by the Montgomery County Workforce Division for Ohio Means Jobs.  The Job Fair was held Tuesday, March 31st at the Dayton Convention Center.   More than 200 job seekers attended the 2015 Construction Job Fair.  For more information on MV Building Trades Apprenticeship Group check www.daytonapprenticeships.org.


Job Fair, Mar 2015 (6) Laborers  Travis Journey, SW Ohio Laborers Apprentice & Training Coordinator, speaks to an individual about job opportunities in the building trades.



Job Fair, Mar 2015 (4)  Joe Travis, SW Ohio Carpenters & Millwrights Training Coordinator, shares  information on career options and benefits of entering the workforce through apprenticeship training affiliated with the building trades.