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On Thursday, August 9, 2018, 94 Dayton Public School Educators and Counselors attended an in-service day to learn about career opportunities in the building trades.  The event was held at the IBEW Conference Center.

Dayton Commissioner Christopher Shaw challenged the Construction and Manufacturing Industries to develop a workshop for Dayton Public School Educators to provide information on identifying students who might meet future workforce needs of the building trades and manufacturing industry.  The AGC, West Central Ohio Division, along with the MV Building Trades Apprenticeship Group coordinated efforts to develop the workshop.

After Dr. Lolli, DPS Superintendent welcomed the teachers, the agenda included speakers from the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council, local career centers, Shook Construction Company, and apprenticeship training program coordinators. John Hayes, President of the Dayton Building Trades emceed the event, and four apprentices provided testimonials which were a highlight of the workshop.

9th Grade Educators and Counselors of the Dayton Public Schools left with information on career opportunities in the building trades.  They were encouraged to invite representatives of the building trades into the classroom to speak directly with students and their parents.  One teacher commented in the event survey “I thought this event was very informative.  I would suggest this event for students to attend.”